Rules & Regulations

1 All entries to be sent to:
Mrs Beryl Cullen, Bihan Ker, Nansmellyon Road, Mullion, TR12 7EE. 
Not later than 12.00 noon on Monday 4th July 
Entrance Fee: Junior Classes (201-216) - free, all other classes - 10p
No late entries will be accepted on show day 
2 Exhibitors may enter as many exhibits as they wish except where otherwise stated, but only the higher awards count for prize money or points
3 Stewards cannot enter items in the section that they are stewarding
4 Only exhibitors with Mullion in their postal address may enter the confined classes
5 The Committee reserve the right to refuse any entry
6 Cards will be supplied by the Secretary from 8.00 am on the morning of the show for the placing of Exhibits
7 Every article must be staged by 9.45 am and ready for judging by 10.00 am. At which time the marquee will be cleared of all persons not engaged in judging.
8 All trays, dishes, plates, vases, boxes etc. for exhibiting flowers, vegetables etc. to be provided by the exhibitor.
9 All exhibits shall be the recent and bona-fide property of the exhibitors having not previously been entered and shall be grown, cultivated, taken or made by the exhibitor except Floral Art and Pot Plant classes. All gardens, green-houses etc. where exhibits are grown, are to be open for inspection by members of the Committee.
10 The committee will take ordinary care of Exhibits but will not be responsible for loss or damage. Moving or re-arranging the exhibits must be carried out by or under the jurisdiction of the Show Manager.
11 The judges may withhold prizes if the specimens are not worthy and in all cases their decision will be final. If the entries in any class do not exceed three the judges will be at liberty to withhold any prize. Objections must be lodged with the Show Manager before the presentation of the cups. Judges should use their discretion when judging, remembering the entries may come from inexperienced exhibitors
12 No Exhibit must be removed from the Marquee until the completion of prize giving.
13 A comments book will be at the Show and any comments should be registered and signed before the presentation of the cups.
14 Prize money: 1st 20p, 2nd 15p,3rd 10p unless otherwise stated. All prize money to be claimed on the day of the Show.
15 All Cups must be returned to Mary Gilbert, Kinross, Nansmellyon Road, Mullion One month before the date of the Show.
16 The Cups are insured by the Society for loss or damage and in the case of loss or damage the Secretary must be informed at once.