Handicrafts - Open Section

No more than 2 entries per class

No item to have been previously entered in this show

Should be recent work.

181 A Cross-stitched item (please state approx. size)
182 A knitted shawl 3 or 4 ply 18 square. Must be pink or blue for the Treliske Baby Unit
183 Any article NOT specifically listed, using hard materials
183a Any article NOT specifically listed, using soft materials.
184 Twiddlemuff  Patterns are available on the internet, from Gloria Townsin, 01326-241745 or from any committee member.  Twiddlemuffs may be donated to the Mullion Sunshine Cafe or any other organisation supporting dementia sufferers.
185 A double knitted garment.
186 Quilting/Patchwork  (please state approx. size)
187 Any item of Woodwork not a kit  (please state approx. size)
188 Child's Soft Toy
189 Hat, any medium
190 Embroidered item (hand or machine) 
191 Crochet any item
192 A handmade recycled item (exhibitor to state original use)
193 Baby Garment (any medium)
194 Beadwork.